Window to the Soul

Window to the Soul

Sometimes the prophetic word unfolds with the progression of a work

10 April 2018: This painting began during the live painting sessions in the ‘marketplace’ during the Commonwealth Games 2018. Born straight out of the worship music and excitement of the crowd watching. “He’s awakening hearts tonight. He’s waking hearts to life.” (Lyrics ‘Furious’ Bethel Music album, ‘Be Lifted High’) ~ He’s breaking hearts tonight, breaking hearts of stone and replacing them with hearts of flesh, vulnerable real and authentic hearts of life. I realised I was painting the eye of the Father and the more I looked the more I saw the LIFE within His eye. I fell into His soul and became one with Him in the moment of painting.


8 June 2019: Painting live at Kingdom House Tanawha with Katherine Ruonala speaking, I felt a definite stirring to expand the story on ‘Window to the Soul’. I kept hearing the words “neuroplasticity, neurogenesis”, of which I only had a slither of knowledge, but just knew God wanted healing in this area of brain trauma and mental conditions. The painting progressed from the ‘eye’ to the ‘neural synapse’. I attempted to speak into what God was doing in regenerating neurons in the brain, but it was complex! Adult neurogenesis is fascinating, and it is worth reading more about how the hippocampus encodes new information, but instead of understanding at the time, we simply prayed – following the Spirit’s leading in healing in all areas of the physical brain.


Neurons and neural synapse connections
Neurons and neural synapse connections depiction


14 Nov 2019: For the exhibition Brush Tales, I revisited ‘Window to the Soul’. I added the tiny houses with windows to symbolise the compartments in our minds where we keep memories of our journey through life and connect to the places we’ve lived, with the number three denoting ‘completion’. The painting represents the way our neutral synapses connect these memories to sights, sounds and scents. Significant memories form the foundation of our life stories. These memories open the window to our souls. There is a time coming for creative regeneration miracles when neurogenesis will renew and heal memory loss.

Window to the Soul progression 2018-2019

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