Burning Love

Burning Love

Painted: in live worship: DaySpring Church, Sunday 17 March 2019

During the Encounter conference, on the day that Lynne-Marie Barnes and I BOTH painted hearts (and yes, neither of us normally paint hearts, and no, we did not collaborate beforehand), I received an image of a torch, but because Lynne-Marie had a fire flaming from her heart painting, I dismissed it as “done”, message sent and received.

As the worship team stepped up to pray Sunday morning, the image of the torch returned. We prayed into keeping the fires burning – the eternal flame – the fire that is ignited and tended to intentionally – we prayed that it would be kept alight. I prayed that despite any physical tiredness, our hearts remain burning.

As I painted these three symbols, I received a simple message from the Lord. He has set a fire within us, in golden vessels made specifically and uniquely for us, that is fuelled by a love that burns forever. When struck by the quickening of the Spirit of God, this fire releases revelation. Lightning represents this quickening, and honeycomb represents revelation.

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