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Inside The Prophetic Artist Community, Wendy Manzo helps artists who feel called by God go from not knowing the next step to boldly creating inspired prophetic paintings. Drawing on Wendy’s 18 years of experience as a prophetic worship artist ~ you too can flourish and embrace the spontaneous creative process.

art to inspire, encourage, strengthen


Prophetic art, in its simplest explanation, is the visual form of prophecy. It is art that carries a message from the heart of God to strengthen, encourage and comfort. Whether it speaks to one individual, a congregation, or the Body of Christ overall, it is a gift of blessing, birthed in the heart of an artist who loves God and loves His people.

Prophetic art is not about imparting information, but transformation. In creating a piece of art, the prophetic artist aspires to make space for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. Art motivated by love for God will have prophetic power. It is love that stirs the anointing to prophesy, regardless of the form of prophetic delivery. There is no limit to the creativity in communications of the Holy Spirit.

The arts belong to the Lord, and He is raising His army now to retake them. Wendy says, “Upon hearing these words from Rick Joyner in 2005 at DaySpring Church, my spirit soared in a life-flashing-before-your-eyes moment. It was a sudden recognition of purpose, a holy nudge saying, This is your calling: Raise an Army of Artists“.

inspirational. passionate

motivational. creative. prophetic

Wendy is dedicated to releasing spiritually powerful art into our communities and culture. These blogs are valuable resources for God’s prophetic artists as Wendy shares her experiences of painting prophetically and teaching key Kingdom principles in all manner of churches, prophetic art workshops, and public forums. 

it is the true authentic YOU that creates art that impacts 

you paint who you are, and what goes into your soul will come out in your life 

the key is transparency, there’s no sealed section in your life

become self-aware, know why you do things the way you do, understand your mind, will, and emotions … and get yourself out of your way 

speak … ‘Spirit, rise up. Awaken to destiny! Soul, follow spirit!’