The Prophetic Artist Community

Right now, inside an awesome international community of like-minded God-inspired artists in The Prophetic Artist CommunityWendy Manzo is mentoring artists on how to make space on their canvas for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. 

The Membership doors are OPEN 

If you would like to dive deep into this calling with Wendy beside you as a mentor, join The Prophetic Artist Community (TPAC).

The arts belong to the Lord, and He is raising His army of artists. Art motivated by love for God will have prophetic power. It is love that stirs the anointing to prophesy, regardless of the form of prophetic delivery, and there is no limit to the creativity in communications from the Holy Spirit.

Prophetic art is not about imparting information, but transformation. Prophetic artists do more than illustrate Scripture, they bring divine encouragement for people to imagine a new way of living. The Spirit of God has a purpose for prophetic words, and that is to impart a divine enhancement of life.

If you would like to learn more about Wendy Manzo, prophetic art, and access her readily available online resources, visit this site’s ‘about’ page.

If you’re not ready to join the TPAC Membership, add your name to The Prophetic Artist Community waiting list and you will be sent information about what’s new whenever it is available. 

I would love to:

* hear clearly from God

*paint what He shows me

*interpret His prophetic message

*bring heaven to earth in worship

If these are your goals, and you’d like to increase your prophetic gifts, be in a community of like-minded artists, and boldly create inspired paintings from Heaven’s throne room – then join us in The Prophetic Artist Community

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The Prophetic Artist Community membership benefits include personal mentoring on your journey, with short teaching videos and eBooks accessed via the mentorship platform, and a monthly live Coaching Call with Wendy Manzo via Zoom. Each month – and at your own pace – we cover a major aspect of prophetic art with plenty of time for personal questions – and if you miss a call, the replays are available.

Additionally, we include access to The Prophetic Artist Community membership hosted on Facebook as a private group. Within this community, you’ll find a giant think-tank of support and experiences of prophetic artists from all over the world at every stage of the journey. This is where we ‘debrief’ what we’ve discovered and discussed on the coaching call, and where we share our progress. Every question is accepted with no judgment, only a lot of loving encouragement!

TPAC Roadmap


Begin at the beginning. 

Calling. Vision. Purpose. As all good architects know, if you don’t have blueprints in place, nothing else will come together. Without the blueprint, you can’t even begin to find the ‘ground’ to start building.

In this Stage you’ll establish:

  • Confidently know your ‘why’.
  • Clarify your calling as a God-artist.
  • Aligning your vision with God’s calling.
  • The visual style for your prophetic images.


Clearing the way. 

Now that you know what you are building, it’s time to focus on going deeper and clearing the way for the Spirit to come through your art. That means getting yourself out of the way.  

In this Stage you’ll:

  • identify what blocks your creativity.
  • overcome lies you’ve been believing.
  • Understand only the authentic true you creates art that impacts.


Immovable Concepts; Fixed Stars. 

It is essential that foundations do not move. Fixed stars are things that do not change. God’s purposes for creativity are immovable concepts. 

In this Stage you’ll learn:

  • God’s purpose for creativity.
  • The role of art in the Church, just what is prophetic art?
  • The Holy anointing coming on an army of prophetic artists.
  • Worship: only in Spirit and Truth.


Surrounded by Champions. 

Scaffolding surrounds a building in progress for a purpose. Prophetic art is a journey undertaken in community. It’s more than strategic collaborations, it’s a culture of honour that mirrors heaven. 

In this Stage you’ll discover:

  • The irreplaceable value of community.
  • Jesus is the light who shines through your relationships.
  • The significance of community support as you build.
  • How to collaborate with people who want you to win.

Build Your House:

Right tools, Right materials. 

Embrace confidence in your own journey, with all of heaven on your side. No comparisons. Your race, your pace, in tune with the Father’s heart and part of your natural lifestyle.

In this Stage you’ll establish:

  • How to confidently know when God is speaking.
  • Understanding the phases of the creative cycle and not work against them.
  • Creating in His presence with excellence to release faith in others.


Art that shapes us. 

Art that listens to the heart, art that impacts someone’s destiny, art that suspends judgment in favour of blessing, this is the art that shapes the world. Prophetic art is a blessing gift.

In this Stage you’ll establish:

  • How to create from your identity as the accepted beloved of Christ.
  • How to give the Holy Spirit space to heal and nurture.
  • How to find joy and bring it to others.
  • Love is the key to prophecy.


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