Live Above the Line

Live Above the Line

Painted in live worship at ‘Faith Strong’ World Changers Church conference, Gold Coast, 7 August 2022

An imaginary line in the mountains marks the altitude where snakes won’t go any higher. We often talk about living above the line, out of the enemy’s reach, and in a higher place with God. But how do we get there? What do we need to move to higher ground?

Think of this line as an imaginary division between the positive and negative of individual thoughts – like the two sides of one coin. When we say “above the line/below the line” we are talking about the same emotion manifesting in either positive beneficial behaviour or negative defensive behaviour. You can choose to flip a negative thought into the positive. For example, instead of looking elsewhere for blame or excuses, you could be accountable and responsible. You could stay kind and calm under the fire of accusation. You could choose values, beliefs, and behaviour that operates in the positive spirit. If something comes against you, move in the opposite spirit. The Holy Spirit moves through you when you choose to express the nature of God.

The opposite of fear is love. “Perfect love casts out fear.” 1 John 4:18 

The opposite of unbelief is faith. Faith strengthens love, and love strengthens faith.

This painting represents love above fear on the left-hand side. As I painted, I wrote “love, perfect love” in pink in the sky. Pink means ‘joy’. There is no joy in the torment of fear. The right-hand side represents moving from unbelief into faith. We do this within the love of community. (Oh yes, surround yourself with warrior champions. Go to a church that preaches faith!) We build faith as we build our history with God. Every time we experience the promises of God, we have another ‘building’ in our ‘faith city’.

You don’t want to live in fear and unbelief your whole life, do you? Then, stop it. God has given you all you need to live in love and faith – He has given you Jesus.

The colour orange represents intimacy with the Holy Spirit. The orange square is Jesus, our cornerstone. It is in relationship with love and faith Himself that we practice life “above the line”.

‘Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.’ Romans 12:21 NKJV

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