The Other Side of Hard

The Other Side of Hard

This was painted during an unplanned demonstration in a Prophetic Art Workshop at Charleville, Qld. It became a demonstration of how a prophetic artist is:
* always ‘on’ and ready (that is, no canvas prepped, no pre-prayer, prays unceasingly and always says ‘yes’)
* can paint His message whether the music system works / band is anointed / or not!
* also willing to hear whatever God is saying at that moment (that is, spontaneous and not pre-planned or pre-heard or rehearsed)
* brave, without opinion, vulnerable, and surrendered

This work was painted in 3 songs (well, almost, as the music system wasn’t working and internet reception also oscillated and made Spotify difficult). From what looked like an utter mess, suddenly the image came together at about the 2.5 song mark! Amongst a fussy and fuzzy background, the light appeared unexpectedly, and the rock formed. I felt intensely the Lord saying He is with us during our hardest times, but it’s on the other side that we see His light. When we see Him in the rock and we look up, we see His light.

The seven wheat stalks represent His complete and perfect harvest. He will never leave anyone behind. He hears our prayer for our beloveds, He sees our struggles, He feels our heartbreak.

It was only after the two days of workshop sessions that the pastors spoke to me not only of their journey through the grief of their son’s untimely death a few months before but also about the enormity of grief in the community, as others in that workshop were handling the death of loved ones and deep financial losses.

The painting spoke to them of how they had loved and lived with a son who suffered from depression, disabilities, and the effects of drug addiction, and how the Lord sustained them through carrying the burden of their son’s life and death. Since this time, ‘Adam there you are! Finding God & His Peace While Feeling We Were Losing Our Son’ by Lynda Worrell has been published. It is available through Amazon.

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