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Where is Your Focus?

As prophetic artists we are called to develop our gift in a three-fold manner: artistically, intellectually, and spiritually. Our focus aligns with all aspects of His heart.

Living life by the motto ‘pray and obey’ has taken my heart to places my head would never have gone. It has taken years for me to see why God would have a girl who never finished High School doing academic study! But as I put the finishing touches on my master’s thesis, “The Spontaneous Prophetic Artist in the Pentecostal Church”, I now deeply feel the need for marriage between Art and Theology. The time has come for the integration of theology, discipleship, artisanship, and leadership, especially in worship. [1] Worship leaders who are theologically sound bear witness to the role of the Holy Spirit in arts ministries.

The invitation to reveal God’s creative nature in the visual arts is strong – but theology has traditionally placed limitations around the role of artists and restricted artistic imagination. The lack of academic guidelines has meant these artists are working without a clear theological artistic consensus, and the result is this element of Christianity is often absent in many of today’s creative endeavours, be it film, literature, fine art, or any other artistic pursuits. [2]

The prophetic artist carries the same anointing — and responsibility — as a prophet and a worship leader; the same Holy Spirit inhabits the mantle of the creative expression of God. As Pentecostals we are highly expectant that we will experience God in worship, and that we encounter the presence of the Holy Spirit as we share in His creativity. This includes visual images that give a prophetic comment upon the world around us, especially as we rage against brokenness and bring creative solutions from the throne room. The prophetic artist is in ministry, bringing hope and healing to the lost. However, it is more than the experience of inspiration that is at the heart of prophetic understanding, the prophetic identity is more closely aligned to discipleship than to inspiration, as the prophet is grounded in obedience to God’s will. [3]

So where is our focus? Are we looking more to theology, discipleship, artistic skill, or to experience and encounter? I know you don’t want to hear this, but as prophetic artists, it is not an “either-or” choice. It is “both-and”. When Solomon sent for Hurum, who was filled with wisdom, understanding and skill in working with bronze for the temple [4], he was not looking for excellence in one or the other, but both. The first person mentioned in the Bible being filled with the Spirit of God is the artisan Bezalel [5], to do all manner of workmanship and artistic design. He was given ability, intelligence, and knowledge and the task to use them.

As prophetic artists we are called to develop our gift in a three-fold manner — artistically, intellectually, and spiritually. We surrender all of who we are, and we do nothing without Him. The Holy Spirit clothed Himself with Gideon. [6] Think of it as the Holy Spirit ‘wearing’ you in all areas of your life. Our focus aligns with all aspects of His heart.

It’s time for the next step in raising up a community of like-minded worship artists who are pursuing the prophetic art journey. As you know, my mandate, ‘raise an army of artists’, continues in the building of The Prophetic Artist community. In this community, the authentic you is nurtured artistically, intellectually, and spiritually, as you pursue your calling and purpose. What an exciting journey we have when “Jesus takes the wheel”!


Wendy Manzo interview on ARTvance Podcast
Wendy Manzo interview on ARTvance Podcast


In this podcast conversation about life as a worship artist, Elliot Bonser and I talk about experiencing the presence of God in the making of prophetic art. Elliot [Sounds of Soaring Ministries and ARTvance] is a prophetic worship leader, songwriter, and author of “Prophetic Worship: Keys to a More Vibrant Life of Worship”. The ArtVance podcasts are powerful conversations around the impact of worship on the arts industry and worship as a way of life.

Connect with Elliot Bonser on YouTube and ArtVance Podcasts. You can also find his book on Amazon.




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