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Now is the Time

"Now is the Time" is the painting that speaks into the wealth of living water under the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. You can see the live painting progress in the beautiful worship recorded on a Facebook live replay.

I want to tell you the story of  “Now is the Time”, the painting that speaks into the wealth of living water under the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. I mentioned the word over Australia from Rick Joyner, MorningStar Ministry, in the ArtVance podcast interview with Elliot Bonser (20 May 2022). This one, painted live online at The Ark: Online Worship Night (11th March 2018) and “Redesigning the Outback”, painted at DaySpring (2007) when Rick Joyner was a guest speaker, both speak into where we, as a nation, tap into our inheritance of the Great Artesian Basin.
At the Ark: Online Worship, as we were praying before going live, I thought of another artesian well painting, “Awakening Australia”, that I painted at DaySpring when Daniel Hagen visited in February 2018, with the single seedling breaking the dry earth. I also had an image of a flooded plain. The two pictures didn’t go together.
This painting surprised me. It began with a flood of gold through the centre. As I painted the sky, a mass of light and fire appeared on the canvas. Underneath I had written ‘Now it’s time’. I was also painting over a piece from 2008 called “Much Love” that depicted a stairway to heaven with words scratched into the paint ‘love’, ‘hope’, ‘faith’, so these words were popping through the night’s new layers of paint.
I painted the living waters as the artesian basin under the land, but couldn’t see where the seedling should break through. Then I suddenly saw seeds sprouting in the gold with extensive roots going deep into the Holy Spirit (living water). There were five. The seeds of grace! Five means grace, and His grace is His empowering presence in our lives to perform the task He gives us.
Afterwards, I understood the two images I’d had. The dry earth was flooded with glory (gold), and then the seeds grew in this grace (His presence to empower).

You can see the live painting progress in the beautiful worship recorded on a Facebook live replay. The Ark: Online Worship 11 March 2018 ~ immerse yourself in an hour of healing worship and words of knowledge by Elliot and Mia Bonser. At about the 1:00:00 mark, I describe what I have painted. I admit I sound like I’m still under the anointing but I promise you can understand me. If you are an emerging prophetic artist, watching the progress of the painting and the immersion in the worship will reveal insights for you.

The water under Australia is amazing and impossible to imagine. The artesian basin spans over one-fifth of the Australian continent and stores over 64,900 million ML. It is a permanent water source even during dry periods. It has enabled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to occupy dry inland areas of Australia for thousands upon thousands of years. THIS is a PROPHETIC WORD over Australia – the ‘living waters’ are permanent and sustaining. Rick Joyner spoke and prophesied of the desert ‘greening over’ in the natural and tapping into the Great Artesian Basin in the spiritual, and a shift over the whole nation from where the power of the living waters would flow across the whole world.

You can read Rick Joyner’s 2004 ‘word’ over Australia, but I do not have a record of the word spoken at DaySpring. I was an emerging artist in those days and just starting to become familiar with how the Lord would paint with me on the canvas what was to be revealed in the preaching. I could not imagine why I painted the Australian outback green until I heard Rick speak!

You can listen to the full ArtVance PodCast interview.

And … if you would like to purchase a Giclee Reproduction of “Now is the Time”, you can through the Wendy Manzo website. (main image citation: Wendy Manzo. Now is the Time. 2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 152cm x 122cm, Private Collection, Gold Coast.)

Wendy Manzo.
Wendy Manzo. “Awakening Australia”. 2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 91cm x 91cm, Creative Hearts Art Gallery, Gold Coast.
Wendy Manzo.
Wendy Manzo. “Redesigning the Outback, the Greening of Australia”. 2007, Acrylic on Canvas, 60cm x 60cm, Private Collection, Sydney.

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