Joy of Surrender

Joy of Surrender

Painted in live worship at DaySpring Church 25 January 2017

I woke with an image of a cloud of vivid pink. Pink is joy and harmony in the spirit realm. During preservice prayer, ‘joy in the house’ and ‘light over darkness’ were spoken. These words were confirmation.

As I painted with the drumbeats of the worship band the darker blue colours became cities. I felt the evil despair around us emanating from cities (yes, rural areas can be evil, but this feeling was the ‘buzz’ of chattering static noise of the enemy spreading fear and negativity in cities). Then I painted the white and pink swirl and the shape looked like Australia. As I stopped to photograph it, I heard ‘it’s not the end yet, don’t look at the darkness of now, joy will come from turning into the light’. The swirls became white into pink, light into joy.

I heard ‘don’t despair’ as I painted white feathering, angels ascending and descending, ‘don’t despair’, angels are among you. The orange dots in the city are pockets of people in an intimate relationship with God, and the yellow dots are the churches. When you see evil around you, don’t despair, there are angels on earth, there is good: look for it, draw it out of people, and BE THE CATALYST FOR GOOD.

Today I give you the strength to choose joy and stillness over static and the noise of the enemy. This is the joy of a surrendered heart.


The meaning of the colours used are: 

Pink – joy and harmony

Orange – intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Yellow – happiness in circumstances

Deep blues – physical healing

Light blues – emotional healing

White – purity and innocence

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