In the Tide of Your Grace

In the Tide of Your Grace

Painted live: Wave Upon Wave album launch worship night at DaySpring Church, 13/8/17 [August 13, 2017]

This painting is my spontaneous response to being immersed in worship and spiritually connecting with the lyrics. Joel Wiseman, speaking about his inspiration for writing the album title song, said he watched the ocean waves relentlessly continuously crashing on the beach, as they have done for thousands of years, and God spoke to him saying, “that’s what my love for you is like”. As Joel watched he realised that nothing the sand did made a difference. The waves did not depend upon any response from the sand.

This inspired the lyric:
‘With wave upon wave
You reveal Your face
All goodness and love
Overflow from Your heart
With wave upon wave
You crash on us again
In the tide of Your grace
to an ocean of praise
We dive in’

If you have not heard this song, oh do yourself a favour! 

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