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When Really BIG Things happen

When Really Big Things happen in the world, what do we do?

Really Big Things are happening in the world and they can be scary and distracting and BIG FAT obstacles that block us. Sometimes Really Big Things can be urgent and worthwhile. Maybe God has called us to organize a peace rally for Israel, or a prayer chain for challenging youth in our community, or maybe maintain a bedside vigil for healing for someone in our church.

And then … sometimes we make the mistake of ‘helping God out’ with His Really Big Things when He hasn’t asked us to.

When we take the Really Big Things to God, we have a responsibility to listen for His answer. He is constantly speaking to us – personally –  as we position our hearts to hear and recognize what He is saying about the Really Big Things around us. There will always be obstacles, our job is to take them to the Lord and ask where He wants us to co-labour with Him, and where He wants us to faithfully trust Him.

And then … we stay strong. We do what He has told us until He says otherwise, and we listen listen listen. Many ‘Isaacs’ have been sacrificed because people listened to what God had said, but not to what He is saying.

We do not let the Really Big Things happening in our world stop us from seeing that God is on the move – healing bodies, redeeming hearts, and restoring lives – and looking for people who will carry His manifest presence.

As prophetic artists, we answered His call with a loud “yes” and became people who pursue freedom, abundant life, and fullness of joy for everyone around us. Our call is to display the passion of His heart so that all would know His love and presence.

As prophetic artists, we build the future, one canvas at a time. We carry His revival no matter what the Really Big Thing looks like to us.

Keep your faith strong. Don’t let what the enemy is doing influence your agenda – spend your energy only on what He is doing.

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