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Power of Persistence: Paint with Confidence

The Holy Spirit is your lighthouse in every dark storm. He is your ever-present friend guiding you. He. Never. Leaves.

As a prophetic artist, you know that creating art is more than the creative process. It also encompasses your spiritual journey, and that’s not always easy. Try as we might to be “always on” there are days when we feel like there’s no message or inspiration coming through. It can be frustrating and disheartening but let me encourage you. The Holy Spirit is your lighthouse in every dark storm. He is your ever-present friend guiding you. He. Never. Leaves.

When you step up to the canvas and begin to paint it’s like turning the key in the car ignition. No amount of trying to start the car before you take the first steps will ever get that car to start. You must get in the car, put in the key, and turn it on!

You must put the brush into the paint and touch it to the canvas and begin.

And beginning takes courage. Are you feeling overwhelmed? So did Joshua. Notice God told Joshua to be strong and courageous three times? (Josh 1:6,7,9) Again I ask, are you feeling overwhelmed? That’s okay! Joshua’s strength wasn’t in being fearless and brave, it was in his reliance on God. I take heart that God knew Joshua “wasn’t feeling it”. It was his trust in God that enabled Joshua to face fear, danger, and difficulty, and lead people into the promised land. Every time you put your brush into the paint and begin, you are trusting God.

“Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

When you begin, even when you feel like you don’t have anything to say, you are creating space for something new to emerge. You are making a space for the Holy Spirit to work with you.

The Holy Spirit will work with you wherever you are. It’s not too late, you’re not too old, you’re not too young, and you’re not missing anything. You’re exactly where you are meant to be. God is far more interested in chatting with you about where you are and what’s overwhelming you than He is in patting you on the back for getting it done without Him. You know this is true.

When you’re driving that car, do you always know the roads and which direction will get you to your destination? When you first started driving, did it all come to you instantly and automatically? New drivers need a teacher and mature drivers need a GPS!

Remember, the power of persistence is incredibly strong. Just like Dory says to Nemo in the movie, just keep swimming, and you’ll get there. Don’t let the storm stop you. By consistently and persistently ‘giving it a go’, by trusting through all the doubts, by checking in for directions, you will develop confidence as a prophetic artist and restore the joy in creating. Your art can release life and call out the treasure in people. The world needs your message and your voice.

Even when you feel uncertain, just keep painting.



Main Image: Friend, Art by 88 Days, 2023. Digital Image, available online 

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