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Photo by Paige Stewart of Canadian Women's Rugby team in 2016 Olympics in Rio

Copyright Case Study: First Day in Heaven

Story coming soon – June 2020

Please check back. This is an intriguing story that is still unfolding!

The original artist is Kerolos Safwat and the only place to buy his prints is through Golden Earth Facebook page. His painting was inspired by Canadian photographer Paige Stewart, without her knowledge. Then stolen by pirates on Amazon, with a myriad of changes to the original. Not only were copyrights violated but also the moral rights of the original creator. Stay tuned, as I wait on all parties involved to respond for comment. New information came to hand just as I was going to publish this story, and to be respectful of all involved, I will wait until the full truth has been revealed.

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Golden Earth: Kerolos Safwat painting "When I Found the One I Love, I held Him and Would not let Him go."
Golden Earth: Kerolos Safwat painting “When I Found the One I Love, I held Him and Would not let Him go”. Also pirated under the title “First Day in Heaven”.

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  1. Lydia

    I will NOT purchase this long desired picture fraudulently! Please can someone inform me how to buy it from the original artist? I want this to be the last thing I see here on earth before I personally experience it. Can’t wait to wrap myself around Him THERE like I have here…

    1. Wendy

      Hello Lydia, I so agree with you! Thank you for your comment. In answer to your question: the original artist Kerolos Safwat sells his work through Golden Earth. You can connect with him on the Golden Earth Facebook page. God bless you.

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