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Intriguing Copyright case study of Paige Stewart and Kerolos Safwat

Stuff You Can’t Steal

Conversation with Copyright Lawyer Kayte Lewis. There is much confusion amongst artists around using someone else’s creative work. Artists use photos for reference and inspiration every day, so when does this become copyright infringement? Learn what 'stuff you can't steal".

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Joel Wiseman in Worship

Maturing the Artist

Wendy Manzo speaks with Joel Wiseman, Creative Director, DaySpring Church, Sydney. Joel gives insight into building relationships within the creative worship team, and on including all creative expressions of worship into the service. He has a heart for supporting creatives in their journey toward flourishing in God. "Where there's safety, there's freedom to express freely. Open communication is a massive key for inclusiveness with artists." Excerpt from "Maturing the Artist"

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